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ClearSQL 1.3.1

ClearSQL 1.3.1: ClearSQL is a powerful tool for quick syntax checking and formatting PL/SQL code formatting PL/SQL files. ClearSQL allows you to pre-process your PL/SQL source code so you can write some code that needs to be portable across multiple Oracle Server versions or maintain a module that is being used for different clients. ClearSQL is a powerful and flexible tool for formatting PL/SQL code. It beautifies code, adds readability to it by consistent indentation. The artfully built visual layout of your code will reveal and reinforce

ApexSQL Edit 2011.02: ApexSQL Edit is a SQL Server code editor with advanced SQL formatting
ApexSQL Edit 2011.02

code editor with advanced SQL formatting, refactoring and autocomplete functions. Edit SQL using code snippets, templates and more. Translate SQL code into a variety of programming languages. Encapsulate lengthy blocks of code as database objects. Auto-complete SQL code fragments and constructs. Leverage pre-written code snippets and templates to avoid writing frequently used code over and over. Develop faster with SQL code auto-complete, snippets

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ApexSQL Refactor 2014.02: Format and refactor SQL code. Free SQL Server formatting and refactoring tool.
ApexSQL Refactor 2014.02

code directly in SQL Server 2014 Management Studio. Refactor SQL Server 2012 objects including FileTables - Support for all Visual Studio versions: Format and refactor SQL code in Visual Studio 2013 - Split table: Improve your database design and make large tables more manageable by partitioning them - Advanced SQL formatting: Create custom formatting profiles and share them across your team - Customizable options: Layout your SQL code with over

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SourceFormatX Source Code Formatter 2.56

code to meet your preferred coding style or any common code formatting convention automatically. SourceFormatX can export source as HTML and RTF File with colorful syntax highlighting, compare and autoscroll the difference of source code.SourceFormatX source code formatter is based on powerful code parse engines that entirely supports 14 programming languages, it provides a large numbers of individual code formatting configuration options to meticulously

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Delphi Source formatting Wizard 1.16

code is followed closely, since this is the most widely accepted style. But formatting of Pascal code is much a matter of taste. The convenient interface, similar to standard Wizards in a Windows, possibility of saving of the several configurations, many customized parameters of formatting and to that similar trifles, will allow you to result in one sort source texts of your programs easily and simply. Delphi Source formatting Wizard is available

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Caché Monitor 0.32: Cache Monitor is an SQL development tool for InterSystems database Cache
Caché Monitor 0.32

Code completion allows you to type a few characters and then display a list of context-sensitive possibilities to complete the text you are typing. Editor code completion brings up a list of Tables or Columns (also known as Intellisense). Code completion can be triggered by pressing [CTRL+SPACE] or by typing a hotchar or keyword, such as `.` or `,` in an SELECT list. Cache-SQL formatting can executed from context menu to make your code, or the code

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Devart T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2008 1.00: Powerful Visual Studio 2008 add-in for editing T4 templates with Intellisense
Devart T4 Editor for Visual Studio 2008 1.00

code folding feature. You can hide or display T4 control blocks, which simplifies template understanding and editing. * Editor Customization You can enable or disable intellisense, word wrapping, virtual whitespace, line numbers, etc. Fonts and colors for syntax highlighting also can be changed. * Indenting Devart T4 editor provides customizable and intelligent indenting.You don`t need to add spaces or tab characters manually. * Code Formatting Devart

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